Sneak Peek- Gender Reveal Package


Gestation Period: 13+ weeks

• 15 Minute Scan
• 2D Imaging
• 7 Photo Prints
• 3D will be attempted if the baby is in a good position

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Gestation Period: 3rd Trimester

• 30 Minute Scan
• 2d imagining of fetal size
• 3D/4D imaging attempts of the fetal face and hands/feet
• 10 Photo Prints

Anatomy Scan


Basic Anatomy Scan-19-21 Weeks+

• 30-45 minute scan.

• 7-10 photo prints Evaluation of all fetal anatomy from head to toe as well as maternal pelvic anatomy evaluated and sent to our reading physician to be interpreted.


Recently booked a 3D imaging appointment, and so glad that we did! Our baby girl wasn’t cooperating with the ultrasound and Heather did everything in her power to ensure we got good photos! She even kept us past our appointment duration to ensure good pictures. We were very thankful that she took the extra time to get us good close-ups of our baby’s face. Thank you for a great experience!

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We loved being able to see ultrasounds of our little guy!! Heather was awesome, so caring, and very patient when it came to our stubborn boy not wanting his picture taken! We still ended up with amazing photos of him and an overall amazing experience! Very thankful for all the pictures we got of him!

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My fiancé and I made an appointment for a 3D ultrasound to show my 5yo son his new sister, who will be here shortly, and get him excited. Heather was amazing! I’m a labor and delivery nurse, and she is so very, clearly excellent at her job. We all had a fantastic experience, left with beautiful photos, and a heartbeat octopus. Would definitely recommend!

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We always have such a great experience at peace of mind! Heather is always so nice and will answer any questions you have about what you’re looking at! She really tries her hardest to get you the best images to take home! We are so grateful to be able to come to a place that’s so close to home to get ultrasounds since our doctor doesn’t do them regularly.

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Highly recommend going to see your little one before he/she is born! Our little girl was extremely stubborn and refused to move her hands and feet from her face, and Heather spent an extra 20 minutes trying to get her to move so that we could get a great picture! I have not stopped looking at our pictures all day.

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  • Non-Diagnostic Exam

    A Non-Diagnostic exam assesses knowledge or skills without providing a specific diagnosis. It evaluates performance or understanding without clinical implications. Please contact us to learn more or to book your Non-Diagnostic fetal ultrasound.

  • Diagnostic Exams

    Diagnostic Exams are medical assessments performed on infants to identify health conditions or developmental issues, aiding early intervention and care. Contact us today to learn more about what to expect with Diagnostic Exams.

  • Benefits of ultrasound

    Ultrasound offers non-invasive prenatal monitoring, visualizing fetal development, identifying potential issues, and reassuring parents while guiding medical decisions.

  • concerns with ultrasound

    Parents may worry about Ultrasound safety, but medical professionals ensure proper usage, balancing benefits with minimal risks for baby’s well-being. Whether you’re in Strongsville, OH, or in another part of the state, Peace of Mind Imaging welcomes you and your family!

  • Fetal Ultrasound

    Would you like to experience the joy of seeing your unborn baby? Fetal Ultrasounds are available at Peace of Mind Imaging. Fetal ultrasound, a non-invasive procedure, monitors prenatal development, provides valuable information, and assists in detecting potential health issues.

  • gender reveal

    A baby gender reveal is a fun event where expectant parents share their baby’s sex with family and friends in creative ways. Call Peace of Mind Imaging today to find out more.

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Making Memories That Last A Lifetime

Welcome To Peace of Mind Imaging

Working in the hospital systems, we realized just how much of the joy and excitement of the Fetal Ultrasound experience can be missed. So many of our patients wanted more of a fun-focused ultrasound where they could see their baby’s face and other features. Unfortunately, the hospital does not give us the time to do that. We want to help you make memories and collect as many pictures as you can throughout your pregnancy. Seeing your beautiful baby is our favorite thing to do. Come in, relax, and enjoy seeing your little one up on the big screen! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our mission is to allow families to see their little ones as often as they would like without worrying about going to the hospital or having insurance. We want to take the stress out of the process and just allow it to be a fun experience. We hope that you might come in as strangers but leave as friends.