Pregnancy — An Experience to Embrace and Share

Pregnancy today is an experience that many potential parents want not only to remember but to share with family and friends. Do you want a record of fetal development — and of your feelings during this special time? Or are you simply interested in a pregnancy confirmation or pregnancy dating? We offer several numerous at Peace of Mind Imaging in Strongsville, Ohio, from fun to serious, from a low cost fertility ultrasound to multiple appointments during a full-term pregnancy.

Today, it’s possible to meet your child even as he or she first begins to develop in the womb. We can do a heartbeat check as early as six weeks and a preliminary gender identification at about 13 weeks.

Benefits of Fetal Imaging

Frequent ultrasounds can signal a need for a medical professional to intervene should problems develop at any stage of pregnancy.

Our fetal imaging is performed in a non-clinical, caring environment by an experienced sonographer using the latest technology. We can provide a full record of the development of your precious offspring. As parents ourselves, we understand that a hospital or clinical environment can seem sterile and unfriendly, exactly the opposite of what you want to remember about your pregnancy. We can help build memories you’ll cherish. We also offerplush heartbeat animals that might become your newborn’s favorite toy!

Pick What’s Right for You

By offering a variety of packages, including both diagnostic and non-diagnostic imaging, first-, second-, and third-trimester imaging appointments, gender reveal options, and heartbeat recordings, we can help you learn about and bond with the new life that is growing. It’s then entirely up to you to decide how much you want to know or share with others.

Choose the options that are right for you and your family. Why notcontact us now to book your first appointment?


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