How Safe is Ultrasound? Debunking Common Myths

Ultrasound has been used since the late 1950s to monitor babies in utero. Since that time, ultrasound has been developed and improved and is now an integral diagnostic tool for a broad range of medical situations. Yet today, there are many myths that persist about ultrasound, primarily around its safety.

Myth: Ultrasound Uses Harmful Radiation

Many people are under the misguided belief that ultrasound uses radiation, similar to the X-rays a person gets at a dentist office. This is likely because the resulting fetal imaging in Strongsville, OH looks similar to an X-ray. However, ultrasound uses sound waves—not radiation—to produce those images.

Myth: Frequent Ultrasounds Can Harm the Fetus

Another common misconception is that multiple ultrasounds can harm the developing fetus. There exists no scientific evidence to support this claim, which is why obstetricians often order multiple ultrasounds, especially for problematic pregnancies. So it’s perfectly safe for you to get a fetal ultrasound at Peace of Mind Imaging in addition to any that your doctor performs at your obstetrics clinic or hospital.

Myth: Ultrasound is Painful

The experience of getting an ultrasound is non-invasive and painless for the mother and child. In fact, for the mother, the process can be very enjoyable. The mother sits in a reclined position, the gel is warmed before application, and the practitioner takes their time and moves the device slowly over the belly. All the while, the mother gets to see her baby on a monitor in a way that wasn’t possible before the late 1950s.

Don’t let myths and misconceptions cloud your perception of fetal ultrasounds in Strongsville, OH. Contact us with any questions you have or to learn more about all the different fetal ultrasound solutions that we have available.

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