What Is a Basic Anatomy Scan?

A basic anatomy scan is usually taken at around the 20-week mark of your pregnancy, give or take a few weeks on either side. The goal is to check on the overall development of the fetus. It’s sometimes called the anomaly scan because it’s a chance to catch any issues that might have occurred since the first ultrasound. We’ll look more at what it involves and why a low-cost fertility ultrasound can be more than a practical step in your pregnancy.

What Is the Sonographer Looking for?

The sonographer in Strongsville, OH, is largely looking at the full body of the fetus, which includes the brain, face, spine, organs, limbs, umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid. They’ll also look at the size of the placenta, its location, and the overall blood flow to this temporary organ. This is often where mothers-to-be learn more about the intricacies of their fetus, such as how many vessels there are in the umbilical cord (typically three) and how the spine should be aligned to rule out conditions like spina bifida.

Basic Anatomy Scans in Strongsville, OH

If you’re looking for basic anatomy scans in Strongsville, OH, you should know that Peace of Mind Imaging can perform a full fetal anatomy as well as a pelvic anatomy scan. During the sessions, we’ll capture around 7 and 10 photos of the fetus, so they can be sent to our reading physician for more information and conclusive results.

From pregnancy dating to pregnancy confirmation, ultrasounds are a way for mothers to understand the new life inside them. At Peace of Mind Imaging, we offer both diagnostic and non-diagnostic exams for patients who are as excited as they are about their journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we work.

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