What Is a 4D Fetal Image of Your Child’s Face?

With a 2D fetal image, you get the standard image of your baby before it’s born. This image is a flat representation of your child with black-and-white lines that show both the skeleton and the baby’s organs.

There is no depth to this picture, and it’s typically used more for diagnostic reasons during a low-cost fertility ultrasound than anything else. If you want to experience your ultrasound on another level, though, consider how a 4D image may provide the definition and detail to capture your child at a specific moment in time.

What Is a 4D Image?

4D fetal image in Strongsville, OH, is typically taken during a non-diagnostic ultrasound. More than just pregnancy confirmation or pregnancy dating, the image shows the baby moving around in real-time. To capture the movement and the shape of the distinct features of the baby’s face, a technician will place a probe on the abdomen and use its sound waves to form the pictures you’ll see.

Why Get a 4D Ultrasound Image?

Watching your baby move is an incredible experience, even if it’s during a 2D ultrasound. A 4D ultrasound takes the experience up a notch or two, allowing parents to identify physical traits and watch how their baby adapts to the surrounding space.

3D/4D Ultrasounds in Strongsville, OH

If you’re looking for images that are a step above the standard ultrasounds in Strongsville, OH, consider Peace of Mind Imaging. Here, you can sign up for packages that include multiple attempts to capture your child’s hands, feet, and face as they go through the gestation stages. Here, our technicians are far more concerned about celebrating this wonderful time and providing a different experience than you might find at your doctor’s office.

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