When Is the Best Week to Host a Gender Reveal Party?

The gender reveal is a truly unforgettable moment for parents and their loved ones, and many women might start fantasizing about it from the moment they go through the pregnancy dating stage. If you’re wondering when the best time to have one is, we’ll tell you more about how to plan.

When Can You Tell the Sex of the Baby?

Gender reveals are more than just a pregnancy confirmation for ultrasound technicians in Strongsville, OH. In some cases, the technician might be able to tell you as early as week 11 during a low-cost fertility ultrasound, but it won’t be 100% accurate until week 13.

When Should I Plan the Party?

Most women wait until around 19 to plan their gender reveal party. Thankfully, you don’t have to do anything elaborate, which can make it relatively simple to put together a gender reveal in Strongsville, OH. If you do want to go all out, consider doing all the groundwork early on, so you can put everything in motion as soon as you have the mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

How to Make It Easier

If you want to make the whole affair a little easier, consider having a non-diagnostic ultrasound to reveal the gender. Instead of having to wait until week 18, you can learn the sex of your baby as early as week 13. To avoid spoiling the surprise, let the doctor or technician know that you’re planning the party, and have them put the sex in a sealed envelope so there’s no accidental bean spillage.

At Peace of Mind Imaging, we’re here to help our clients have fun with their pregnancies. Instead of an exam with a frazzled doctor or an inexperienced technician, we start the fun of the gender reveal right start in the exam room.

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